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Fruity Spirits Half Flight Box (4 Scents)

Fruity Spirits Half Flight Box (4 Scents)

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Discover the Fruity Spirits Half Size Scent Flight Box - a fragrant journey through a selection of fruit-inspired scents. This exquisite set includes four tantalizing scent shots: "The Blue-Beery," "The Sassy Summer," "The Zesty Twist," and "The Triple Berry Twist." Crafted with 100% soy wax and premium ingredients, each scent shot offers a unique aroma experience.

From the enchanting scent of fresh blueberries to the invigorating fusion of lime and salt, indulge in the fruity half of our full mocktail collection. Packaged beautifully, these half-size scent shots make for the perfect gift or a delightful treat for yourself. Elevate your senses and transform your space with the Fruity Half Size Scent Flight Box today - a fruity feast for your olfactory senses awaits!

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